Thursday, May 2, 2013

Conscious Living photo shoot

My vision for Conscious Living by Tracey Bregman is growing on a daily basis. 

On Saturday, we had our first photo shoot with Vogue published photographer Kelly Cappelli, for the new website we are building and my new line of jewelry, PAIX Bijoux.

The Conscious Living by Tracey Bregman lifestyle includes not only how I live my life, but the brands I design and the products I choose to use everyday.

The backdrop for the shoot was an elegant, privately owned Tuscan estate in Malibu called Villa Sancti.

The owner Susan Burger, lives and breathes the Conscious Living lifestyle complete with her own chicken coop, organic fruit trees, organic vegetables - even chardonnay grapes she plans to harvest into organic wine next year!

Local Malibu brands were also the highlight as 27 Miles Malibu and Pistol and Lucy provided the clothing.

 To make the day extra special, my mother, actress Suzanne Lloyd joined us, taking photos with one of my favorite products, Rebirth Malibu handbags.

My favorite part of the shoot was the chance to take some special photos with my mother - just in time for Mother's Day!

More behind the scenes photos coming soon!


  1. BEAUTIFUL!! The photo of you and your mother is priceless too. pure LOVE.

    xoxo - your FarmBox friends Chako and Reisha

  2. Absolutely perfect setting for these gorgeous photos! The setting, clothes, everything captures your spirit of Conscious Living. Beautiful!
    Now to share something funny - not only do you have me roasting veggies and eating gluten free, but I adopted a chicken! The local University is protecting endangered chicken species - you can adopt a chicken for a small donation and get fresh eggs biweekly.All I need is a name for my chicken.
    Granted these university chickens do not have the luxury digs your guy Aaron built but they do okay LOL!

    1. Gelsey- You have made me so happy! And hopefully you have made yourself happy by eating so well! Let me know what you name your chicken, I am VERY impressed!!

  3. Stunning photos!I especially love the mom photo - you really look more and more like your elegant mom every day!Thanks for inspiring me to look at "Conscious Living" from a big picture perspective.Taking little steps every week, mind and body.Thinking I will start journaling. Do you write in a journal?
    Can't wait to see more of your jewelry!

    1. So great!! Yes, I write in a grateful journal daily.

  4. Beautiful setting, beautiful mother and daughter, and excited to see your new jewelry line!
    Your Conscious Living blog has changed my perspective - instead of "dieting", I am making conscious, healthy choices. And have lost 5 pounds last month. 5 more to go -thanks for inspiring!!

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  6. Tracey you are an inspiration to me and many others! Keep up the great work!

    ideas to surprise & Conscious living


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