Thursday, May 16, 2013

Falling Asleep

This is getting embarrassing.  I can’t seem to stay awake watching movies at home! I’m fine in the movie theatres where believe me, I have prayed for sleep during some pretty terrible movies; i.e. the Pokémon movie!! Anybody see that piece of literary genius?! 

But I can’t seem to keep my eyes open at home where I love to catch up on movies I’ve never seen. Love to re-watch movies that I have loved with my beloved. Love to watch movies that Aaron wants to share with me but I always miss the middle of the movie...OUT LIKE A LIGHT! 

It’s a little better than when I was just starting out on The Young and The Restless. Beth Maitland Banninger ( Traci Abbott ) used to rent movies for us to watch together but she put her foot down after months of me barely able to see the opening credits before I was out. She stopped wanted to watch movies with me or more to the point, watch ME sleep while SHE watched the movie. It’s terrible; I can’t get through a T.V. show either. Thanks God for DVR because at least I can rewind and watch when I’m awake. Aaron found me once sitting up, asleep with the remote in my hand and the finale to Downtown Abbey fast forwarding on the "telly".

Is it Narcolepsy? Supposedly, if you can fall asleep in the movie theatre, it is, says a top doctor in Los Angeles. Well, whew, maybe it’s not? Is it my couch that everyone loves to nap on including my dogs? Is it the soft bamboo sheets with down comforter from my trip to Paris and the feather bed that makes me sleepy? I’m sleepy right now after writing that last sentence! I found out a little secret the other day while watch the most incredible French film called The Intouchables, it had subtitles. WIDE AWAKE. Does my mind need double stimulation to stay involved and awake? It worked like a charm. Anybody else have this issue or is it just me? Please be kind if it’s just me. LOL


  1. Well, I do fall asleep watching TV shows but my problem is I am up for work very early, between 3:30 and 3:45 am. I have a hard time falling asleep when I do go to bed..can't turn the brain off. And it is so bright out this time of the year, my brain thinks it's too early to go to bed at 8:30 pm. So that's my story :-)
    My niece has your same problem. She says there is just something so relaxing about my mom's house and couch everytime she goes for a visit. So my mom knows to talk fast before my niece falls asleep.. Lol

  2. Haha I fell asleep with a small child on my lap during the Pokemon movie! Guess it was just a bad movie.

    1. Lucky you! I prayed for sleep during that one and was wide awake!

  3. Tracey, you are not alone!
    I have always fallen asleep watching TV, especially if I lay down or recline. When my husband & I were dating he didn't like that I did that, so he would scare me and say "if you are tired go to bed". Finally he realized I just can't stay awake and just let me sleep. We have been together for 35 years now.
    The only time I ever fell asleep in the movie theater was when my daughter was young and we went to see "Milo & Otis". That is also such a good movie, NOT!

  4. It's interesting! I always have felt that this is just something the mind does when you know you're in the comfort of your home. Because you know you'll still have access to the movie when you wake up, your body just lets in whereas if you're at the movies, you'll stay awake because you know it's a one time thing? I don't have that problem so I couldn't say for sure, but that's my guess!

  5. You sound like my hubby! He NEVER gets through a movie or tv show or ball game!

  6. Oh my goodness -You are not alone! You have described my problem EXACTLY! My boys and husband will attest to the fact that I fall asleep at home watching movies and TV shows regardless of how interested I am in watching.They call me on it and I insist I am not falling asleep which results in a barage of questions about what just happened in the recent scenes. As you can guess, I often fail those tests!Yikes! My teens give me a cup of tea to hold and sip which seems to help - maybe there is something to the idea of double stimulation or involving different senses to keep the mind activated.Just the act of holding the cup seems to keep me alert.The fear of spilling a hot liquid on myself no doubt has an influence! The subtitles work for me too - I stay awake!
    Maybe it's just about not getting enough quality sleep. Do you get your 8 hours most nights?
    Let me know if you find a solution!

  7. I TOTALLY relate! I can't remember the last time I made it through an entire movie without falling asleep, unless it had subtitles. We actually talked about that in an interview :) But then when I WANT to fall asleep, it just doesn't happen when I want it to. Even when a movie is really good, if I don't fall asleep, my ADHD kicks in and my mind wanders off on every other path...unless there are subtitles. Sometimes I'll even turn the sound very low and put on subtitles in an English movie just so i'll pay attention!

  8. Books do that to me! Love the photo of your dogs! Such sweet faces!

  9. I am SO glad to have your hint about subtitles! I just can't stay awake during a movie either, although it's worse in my case, I even fall asleep in the movie theater, which is a bit disturbing to me. I do think though, that at home, engaging my mind with subtitles might be the trick! I think I'll miss less (I have good hearing, but sometimes it's difficult to decipher what they're saying in one), and that will keep me more alert as I'll know what's going on more, and be kind of actively, vs. passively watching. Whoohoo, wanna rent a movie now! :)


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