Thursday, July 11, 2013

Field of Dreams

As the Conscious Living editor of 90265 Malibu Life and Style Magazine, I get to interview some amazing people and hear their interesting stories. One of my favorites is local Helene Henderson, a former model turned organic private chef and caterer to the stars. Her Malibu Farm event business has such a following that once a month she hosts a beautiful farm to table organic dinner in the most beautiful Malibu locations.

Here's her story about becoming the "accidental farmer".


Malibu Farm is the business of former model turned coveted Hollywood caterer Helene Henderson.

Curiously enough, her intention was never to start a real farm.

But as the saying goes,"if you build it, they will come" and how appropriate that saying would come from the box office hit "Field of Dreams" a saying that truly defines Malibu Farm's homestead and lifestyle.

What was once a run down 1.5 acre property in Malibu's hippest enclave Point Dume, Henderson's own "field of dreams" is now a sprawling bohemian style ranch home to two resident goats, purchased from Craigslist for $40 each as a sort of mini protest against the high cost of employing gardeners. A decision that made perfect sense to Henderson since the property came with a barn and corral.

Along with the goats came chickens, a pig and bees producing honey complimenting the vegetable garden, fruit trees and a small vineyard that make Malibu Farm's monthly farm to table fetes, the hottest meal ticket in town.

To say the celeb studded dinners or her special events catering and private chef business is what drives Henderson's day to day determination to grow the best ingredients, would only be telling part of the story.

A huge reward for Henderson are the lessons in growing organic vegetables and the work ethic that is essential to harvesting ( these principals she instills in her nine year who helps her tend to and pick fresh produce ) along with the cost of raising farm animals, specifically chickens.

According to Henderson, raising a baby chick to full size organically is about $20 per hen ( not including the costs of the chicken coop etc... ) Which would definitely lead one to consider the hows and whys of supermarket chicken sold for half that price. Needless to say, raising hens has made Henderson more aware of the price organically grown commercial chicken, "I eat it less and appreciate it more" she says.

Before Helena created her fertile farming ground, she was of the belief that the local farmer's markets were expensive. But now after cultivating Malibu Farm from scratch, she views the ability to purchase  not to mention the price of organic produce, a great value.

A healthy way of life, specifically "clean eating" is well supported in the Malibu community with a great selection healthy restaurants ( even gluten free pizza ) and Henderson definitely considered inexpert among locals when it comes to serving up the freshest organic fare. 

Often told "that was the best meal ever" by her clients and friends, Henderson gives us a few simple, yet savory steps for serving up homegrown ingredients.

"Keep your cooking really simple and once you serve clean, preferably very fresh produce, all the meal really needs is some good local olive oil ( Helena uses Malibu Olive Oil ) a sprinkle of salt and a squeeze of lemon straight from the tree - and it really will be the 'best' meal ever!"

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